How to make disposable cups environmentally friendly?

Issuing time:2018-11-22 14:41

Many people are thinking that using a disposable paper cup is not environmentally friendly. Now everyone is paying more and more attention to environmental issues. The raw materials for paper cups and paper cups are actually paper cups. The important raw material is paper. You may think that using paper will cut down trees and waste resources. So how to recycle used disposable paper cups? ? In some areas, fast food restaurants and coffee shops have used polylactic acid coated paper cups instead of polyethylene coated paper cups. Polylactic acid is fermented from crops such as corn and can be biodegraded to recycle paper cups.

1, making a gift box

In order to recycle used disposable paper cups, many people use used disposable paper cups to make artworks, saving resources and turning waste into treasure. That is to make handmade gift boxes from disposable paper cups.

2, making snowman

Reduce disposable tableware and beverage products are environmentally friendly emissions proper meaning, in the use of low-carbon waste by hand, in order to share a relaxing and cute Christmas snowman practice in the process of turning waste into treasure we have used in disposable cups.

3, making baskets

The used cups are woven into small baskets, which can be used to store debris, and are also suitable for planting some radiation-proof green plants.