Guangdong Qixing Packing Industrial Co., Ltd. (formerly Guangdong Longxing Packing Industrial Co., Ltd.) is the first domestic research and development of new paper-plastic cup (bowl) machine, paper cup machine and mold. It is also the first paper-plastic cup and laser paper cup in China. Manufacturer of corrugated sleeves and glossy paper cups. The company mainly produces various kinds of paper cups (bowls), paper cups (bowls), cartons, and various plastic covers, plastic cups and other paper-plastic products. The products are of good quality and leading technology. Zhaoxing packaging technology innovation, advanced equipment, quality assurance. Passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, QS certification, GMP certification, HACCP certification.      
The company started production of the cup production project in 2005. In January 2009, the world's first anti-scalding paper cup was put into production and patented, filling the domestic gap. In October 2009, the workshop successfully passed GMP/HACCP certification. In May 2010, the world's first laser cup was put into production. In October 2011, the laser paper cup was officially put into production. In October 2011, it completed a 100,000-level purification workshop. As of August 2013, the company has obtained 12 national authorized patents. 
Years of development and growth, can not be separated from the care and support of our customers and the community. Mechanical transformation and renewal, cup production, printing, continuous innovation, one-stop industrial chain structure, innovative inventions and continuous upgrading of machines while reforming, and in the process of commissioning and production, Zhaoxing will develop new products, molds, The production process and operation technology of machinery and cups are integrated and complement each other, resulting in a group of all-round technical teams with the experience of fitter technology and rich experience in making cups. These existing conditions and advantages have played a decisive role in the sustained and steady development of Zhaoxing Technology and Yanxing Quality. 
Years of experience accumulation and existing advantages are precious! We will adhere to the principle of "based on technological innovation, quality first, talent-oriented, and honest service"; the goal is "customer benefit is the basis of survival, customer success is the source of development". Efforts to use sincerity, and honesty to provide customers with the most beautiful and most beautiful product packaging.